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Random scurryings of a writer.

Catching My Health

So last summer I had two heart-attack like episodes with no known cause. MRI, EKG, x-ray, and everything else with three or more letters came back clear. I have over-all high cholesterol. I’ve been dealing with asthma and psoriasis since my cycle started when I was ten. I have scar tissue internally from past bouts with endometriosis.

The past three months something else has started to rear it’s ugly head again. In high school and early college I had episodes of pain and inflammation in my wrists and ankles, but most notably my hands. This isn’t carpal tunnel we’re talking about. This is sudden shocks of numbness that last for a while, tingling sensations that appear with no pattern, and joint swelling that doesn’t always coincide with the weather.

My PCP wanted me to see a rhumatologist and be placed on med. I laughed and am still laughing.

I’m now seeing a naturopath to get things figured out. We’ve made dietary changes and next Monday I’m sending out lab work to check for allergies and see what my hormone levels are doing.

Don’t be surprised this this blog takes a turn to tracking health and dealing more with my personal wellness than anything else.


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