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Random scurryings of a writer.

Lab results are in.

I have no allergies to milk or gluten, so that’s good. My naturopath wants me to keep on the gluten free tract as much as possible until everything is resolved, though.

I have two big underlying issues. My Estrone (a portion of estrogen) is really high for my age range. Since Estrone if a pro-inflammatory, there’s a good chance a lot of my problem is that. The other issue…my gut flora, which should barely show up on a test at all, is having a party. Everything’s so over grown that I’m lucky to be getting any vitamins/minerals from my food at all.

I’ve been swapped to a more soluble B complex, told me to continue with the probiotic and chromium, added 5,000 IU vitamin D a day, and 1 schisandra capsule twice daily for liver support.

Because my liver isn’t working right – not filtering out the estrone – she has me drinking a detox tea twice a day. Right now I’m using Yogi, but she gave me a recipe to do my own when things start growing. She specifically designed my tea so it’s all things i can pick in my back yard, minus one ingredient.

I’m also on 55mg grapefruit seed extract twice a day to help kill off my excessive gut flora.

I have another appointment in 6 weeks to see what’s working and if we need to adjust anything.

Now that I have you all updated, I’m off to have my detox tea and do some thesis work.

Brightest Blessings!


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