A Mouse's Tale

Random scurryings of a writer.

Difficulties and Attacks

So the whole no-gluten diet has been interesting to say the least. For the most part I’ve been dong well with it. However, I fell off the wagon a little bit and have felt the hit. My right wrist has been giving me some problems again – which thankfully cleared up in close to 48 hours after going back off the gluten. The plus and minus to this is that I do now know that my body is in super-inflammatory mode when it has gluten in it but that I also know that the carpal tunnel that my PCP tried telling me I had is bogus. Not that I was too surprised.

I did have a full on attack of the auto-immune system a month or so ago. One that had Hubster staying home. I just couldn’t function. I’ve had issues like that maybe once or twice since having Little Mister, but it’s….different knowing what it is. It’s really six of one, half dozen of the other. While it’s nice to know what’s going on, it’s aggregating knowing there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.


Emotionally, I’ve been a wreck. I’d love to blame it on the craziness of life or that there are hormones that are trying to even themselves out, but it’s more the memories and lack thereof getting to me. It was early June when my Grandfather Vaughn passed away. Today would have been my cousin David’s birthday – he committed suicide two years ago. It was this time last year that we had to put our first canine daughter, Belle, to sleep. It’s been difficult to say the least.


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