A Mouse's Tale

Random scurryings of a writer.

Crazy, busy, good.

I type this from the other side of a crazy summer and hectic fall. The last post I did in here, I was three months pregnant with our daughter, who graced our lives in August. She is a vibrant, expressive, and babbly four-month-old now, who is the apple of her brother’s eye and who has Dad wrapped around her finger already.

As I type this, the weight of graduate school is teetering on the edge of my shoulders, about to fall into the abyss. (Well, aside from scars left by the student loans that will haunt me.) My final copy has been delivered to the graduate school, and barring any last minute edits, I am officially done and have finally earned my Master of the Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. It was a crazy ride, one that I hoped to have had finished before my daughter’s birth, but instead finished with her nursing and batting at the keyboard.

What now? If I’m done, so what? Here’s the so what: I have no idea. I would love to write more, maybe even get published. I’m hoping that in the next few months I can have my thesis sent out to a few publishers to see if anyone will bite. If not, I revamp it and then send it out. The information in it will have to be updated regardless, as so much has happened in the move towards labeling GMOs in the last three months and I have been unable to stay on top of it given the mass amounts of edits my committee was sending back to me. I now have time, sweet time, to go back and look at all of the news pieces that I have tucked away, bookmarked for what a breastfeeding mom calls “free time.”

In the meanwhile, I plan on revamping some writing pieces to post here and to do more posting on my homesteading blog. Please, comment on and share anything you would like! I’m not against free press.


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